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The International society of social defence for a humane criminal policy - ISSD (Société internationale de défense sociale pour une politique criminelle humaniste - SIDS) is a non-profit association focused on crime studies and research, with the purpose to develop a prevention system that, taking into account factors affecting the reintegration of offenders, would protect society against criminals and protect individuals against the risk of falling into or returning to a life of crime.
At the end of the 1960s, the ISSD was granted consultative status by the United Nations Economic and Social Council. The ISSD operates through an international council of experts in crime policy, social science and criminology, and through a network of regional Secretary Generals (in Asia, Africa, the United States of America, Latin America, and Europe). In agreement with the United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime and alternating with three other international sister-associations (Association internationale de droit pénal, Société internationale de criminologie, Fondation internationale pénale et pénitentiaire) SIDS holds an international Congress every five-years to discuss priority issues in the field of crime policy. After the Seventh International Conference on Social Defense in 1966, in recognition of its strong commitment to promote the Movement, the members' assembly entrusted the Secretariat General of the ISSD to CNPDS.
The ISSD publishes its own yearly Journal Cahiers de Défense Sociale, the editorship of which is located at CNPDS in Milan. The Journal is also available on the ISSD website, with texts in English, Spanish and French.
In 2004, the ISSD instituted the "Cesare Beccaria" medal, to be awarded annually to the scholar who has most contributed, through his research and teaching, to the diffusion worldwide of the underlying principles inspiring the Society's existence. So far the medal has been awarded to Simone Rozès (France), Hans-Heinrich Jescheck (Germany), Giuliano Vassalli (Italy), Juan Guzmán (Chile), Mireille Delmas-Marty (France), Sheriff Bassiouni (Egypt), Sergio Gracia Ramirez (Mexico), Roger Hood (United Kingdom), Mario Pisani (Italy), David Baigún (Argentina) and Robert Badinter (France).

International Congresses on Social Defence:
  • First Congress, San Remo 1947 "Pour la transformation des actuels systèmes pénaux et pénitentiaires en systèmes d'éducation et de traitement en rapport avec la personnalité individuelle des délinquants".
  • Second Congress, Liège 1949 "La personnalité humaine du point de vue des droits de la société dans ses rapports avec les droits de l'homme".
  • Third Congress, Anvers 1954 "L'individualisation de la sentence et de l'exécution (observation et resocialisation)".
  • Fourth Congress, Milan 1956 "La prévention des infractions contre la vie humaine et l'intégrité de la personne humaine".
  • Fifth Congress, Stockholm 1958 "L'intervention administrative ou judiciaire en matière d'enfance et d'adolescence socialement inadaptées".
  • Sixth Congress, Belgrade 1961 "Dans quelle mesure se justifient des différences dans le statut légal et le traitement des mineurs, des jeunes adultes et des délinquants?.
  • Seventh Congress, Lecce 1966 "Withdrawal of the right to practice with reference to the professions and certain other activities".
  • Eighth Congress, Paris 1971 "Techniques of individualization processes".
  • Ninth Congress, Caracas 1976 "Social marginalization and justice".
  • Tenth Congress, Thessaloniki 1981 "Cities and criminality".
  • Eleventh Congress, Buenos Aires 1986 "The international dimensions of contemporary societies in the field of criminality and the responses of the movement of social defence: criminological dimensions, social and economic aspects, juridical policies".
  • Twelfth Congress, Paris 1991 "Social defence, protection of the environment and fundamental rights".
  • Thirteenth Congress, Lecce 1996 "Responding to corruption. Social defence, corruption and the protection of public administration and the independence of justice".
  • Fourteenth Congress, Lisbon 2002 "Social defence and criminal law for the protection of coming generations, in view of the new risks".
  • Fifteenth Congress, Toledo 2007, "Criminal Law between war and peace: Justice and cooperation in criminal matters in international military interventions".
  • Sixteenth Congress, Mexico 2012, “Criminal Policy in the Era of Global Governance”


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