The Fondazione Centro Internazionale su Diritto SocietÓ e Economia based in Courmayeur was founded by the Region of Valle d'Aosta, CNPDS, CENSIS and the Municipality of Courmayeur with the aim of creating a forum for discussing and exchanging knowledge on legal, social and economic issues. In over a decade of activity, the interdisciplinary approach favoured by the Fondazione Courmayeur is evident in its willingness to explore the chosen subjects on many levels applying different conceptual tools, thus providing a comprehensive and detailed overview. Continuing in this tradition, the conferences and meetings organized by the Fondazione Courmayeur have always given emphasis to the internationalization of Italian society and culture. Among the various activities carried out by the Fondazione Courmayeur, of particular importance is the organization of international conferences and meetings - many in collaboration with the UN, UNESCO and other supranational organizations - which embody this interdisciplinary approach. These events stimulate intercultural exchanges and contribute and provide an in-depth analysis of - often interconnected - economic and legal issues.
Active since 1991, the Foundation has hosted numerous events organized in collaboration with CNPDS and with national, international and supranational institutions. Information about its activities is published in annals and journals.

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